First Spanish Debian Reproducible Builds talk in Mexico City

jathan jathanblackred at
Sat Oct 28 04:57:52 UTC 2017

Hi everyone. I glad to share tomorrow at 11:00 hrs. of Mexico City Local
Time Zone, I will be presenting my first talk about Debian Reproducible
Builds (based on some h0lger, lamby and lunar previous talks) in the
Mexico Hackmeeting 2017 at the Hackerspace "Rancho Electronico":

I have pushed already my slides to our repo:

And I will base on these slides my presentation for CubaConf :) Maybe
tomorrow's talk will be live streamed through CoAA TV platform if someone wants to try to watch. Best regards!


Por favor evita enviarme adjuntos en formato de word o powerpoint, si
quieres saber porque lee esto:
¡Cámbiate a GNU/Linux!

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