Bug#876901: QFINDTESTDATA uses __FILE__

Pino Toscano pino at debian.org
Wed Nov 15 18:33:41 UTC 2017

In data mercoledì 15 novembre 2017 10:57:00 CET, Ximin Luo ha scritto:
> Pino Toscano:
> > In data martedì 14 novembre 2017 11:14:00 CET, Ximin Luo ha scritto:
> >> You're using __FILE__ inappropriately, none of the documentation
> >> guarantees or implies that you can access __FILE__ as a real
> >> filesystem path. "Surely for relative paths" is your justification
> >> for your own broken behaviour.
> > 
> > Again, this is your own echo chamber: "__FILE__ is broken, everybody
> > using it is broken no matter what".
> > 
> It's not my "own echo chamber", I pointed you to lots of docs that
> confirm your usage of __FILE__ is not appropriate here.

I don't see any of these documentations.  All you did was taking GCC
and MSVC documentations and declare they mean nothing.

> Adrian Bunk also mentioned the C89 to me on IRC yesterday. Again, the
> wording gives no guarantee that __FILE__ should represent a real
> filesystem path.

The default is to be what is passed to the compiler as argument, which
*is* a filesystem path.  If the source uses #line, then that is
invalidated, but this is another situation.

> If my previous words were a bit terse I am sorry for that, but I don't
> appreciate comments like "Any of your solutions get a big, fat, and
> giant nope" after trying to explain the problem and present you with
> no less than 4 alternative simple unintrusive solutions.

My comment comes after you keep ignoring whatever else is said to you.
I explained your solution changes a standard behaviour (that, like it
or not, it *is* that, and the fact that so far it was used for decades
like that means it is a portable and standard behaviour).

You (generic "you") cannot pretend to have discussion, when you
basically decided a priori (although in a very arguable way) what is
"right" and what is "wrong", and thus discarding any other opinion
which does not fit into your criterias.

Just like Lisandro, I'm all for reproducibility, but this does not mean
standard things must be broken "just because".  What you want to change
a) standard (standard C, and standard compiler behaviour)
b) so widely used
so trying to find a solution
a) without looking around at least a good majority of the use cases
b) flagging all the usages as "invalid"
it does not work.  And no, it simply does not.  It hardly is a
discussion at all, rather an echo chamber for your ideas.

Pino Toscano
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