Help with cdebootstrap_0.7.7

Chris Lamb lamby at
Wed Dec 6 07:45:54 UTC 2017

Hi jathan,

> I send you attached the differences about the cdebootstrap
> debian/rules original file and the one I have modified.

Thanks! Just as a two helpful pointers here; first, I think the diff was
so short to not justify an attachment (ie. it could have been copy-pasted
into the mail). Secondly, the default output from the diff command is not
very readable - try using the "unified" setting, eg. diff -U file-a file-b.

> dh_fixperms clean --parallel --with autoreconf

Hm, I fear you have some fundamental confusion about how "dh" works here.

Assuming that dh_fixperms is the route to the solution, were you trying
to call dh_fixperms with particular settings? If so, you probably want
to grep for "overrides" eg. something like adding a override_dh_fixperms


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