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jathan jathanblackred at
Fri Dec 22 17:09:23 UTC 2017

On 22/12/17 10:24, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Jathan,
>> Could you share some useful documentation or some practical tutorials
>> of what I need to learn in a best way?
> I can't personally recommend any specific documentation or tutorials as
> I haven't read any myself, but have you tried starting with the
> debhelper(8)/dh(1) manpages?
> Looking at existing packages that use dh(1) and override_* targets is
> also a really effective way of learning what is going on. For this,
> and are
> your trusty friends.
> Investing some time in playing with the latter two services will pay
> real dividends over time as they can often answer questions far more
> general than this particular isolated case. :)
> Best wishes,
Thank you very much Lamby! :)

I have read a little the dh manpage to have more context because your
observations about override_dh_fixperms in the past days and also the
Debian Packaging Tutorial of Lucas Nussbaum, but I will definitely
deepen with what are you suggesting me with both manpages.

I did not thought about to use and you are
right :) Now
I will have a lot of stuff to analyze and have more idea ;) Have a nice
weekend and enjoy your Christmas celebration!

Regards and a hug,

Por favor evita enviarme adjuntos en formato de word o powerpoint, si
quieres saber porque lee esto:
¡Cámbiate a GNU/Linux!

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