Soonhac Yack.

Soonhac Yack adesmurs101 at
Mon Jan 15 22:47:59 UTC 2018

My name is Soonhac Yack; I’m an American military officer currently in
Libya. My dear want you to know the problems we are facing here in
Libya as we are being attacked everyday by insurgents and car bomb
explosions. During our rescuer mission we came across a save box that
contain huge amount of money that belongs to the supporters of the
over thrown government of Libya, which I believe was money meant for
the importation of weapons and ammunition. It was agreed by my army
officer’s troop present to share the money among us, which we did.

My share is $10,560,000 (Ten million five hundred and sixty thousand
US dollars).I’m seeking for your assurance and assistance in securing
my share of the money out of Libya, for Safe keeping on my behalf. I
have made a solid arrangement with a reliable security delivery
company, they have promised to cooperate and deliver the funds through
their diplomatic method to any of my choosing destination.

 This delivery will be handling legally by the security company and
there will be no form of risk involved during the process and the
money will be packaged safely in a military truck box case. I have
decided to compensate you with 25% of the total money once you receive
the box of money, while the rest of the money will be for my
investment fund in your country. I really don't know how long we are
going to remain here and my fate after I have survived bomb attacks
here. This prompted me to search for a reliable and trust worthy

 Please don't discuss this matter to a third party, if you are not
interested to do this business kindly delete this letter from your
mail box to avoid any leakage of this information because it's
dangerous to me based on my position here. Hope my explanations is
very clear but  should in any case if you don't get it well please
feel free to contact me through email only, we are not allowed to use
mobile phone or radio message

 Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
 Love from
 Sergeant Soonhac Yack

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