packages which have not been rebuild since December 2016

Chris Lamb lamby at
Fri Jun 1 15:32:56 BST 2018

Hi Paul,

> > (Full output of following script attached.)
> Would it be easy to run dd-list on this and share that as well?

Attached, but…

> Just in case people care enough to help with rebuilding their
> own packages (like I would)

… wouldn't we just binNMU these? Or possibly; would knowing a package
tha you maintain was on this list cause you to perform an regular
upload you would not normally have done...?

> Reproducible Builds Maintainers <reproducible-builds at>
>    koji

(Well, that's embarrassing.. :p)

Best wishes,

     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby at /
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