Bug#901548: diffoscope: Add lz4 comparator

Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Thu Jun 14 19:30:30 BST 2018

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 02:25:09PM -0400, Xavier Briand wrote:
> I followed the instructions provided in the CONTRIBUTING.rst
> <https://salsa.debian.org/reproducible-builds/diffoscope/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst>
> file.
> That being said, I'd feel more comfortable using gitlab's merge request.
> How would I go about it? Close this one and submit an other one?

No, please keep this open and cross reference them all (here we'll mark
this bug as forwarded to the MR, MR will just link this, and the commit
message should have a 'Closes: #901548' line).

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