Heads-up: New upstream version of src:file in experimental

Christoph Biedl debian.axhn at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Thu Jul 26 07:37:58 BST 2018

Hello there,

after a somewhat bumpy experience following the upload of the previous
upstream release of file (5.33), I eventually decided to introduce a
release procedure for src:file in Debian: New upstream release uploads
will go to experimental first, and package maintainers that probably
would like to know about that receive a notification about that so
they have some time to brace for impact. Like this:

A new upstream release of file/libmagic has been accepted into
experimental a few moments ago, version 1:5.34-1. As your package is
one of those that somewhat suffered from surprising feature changes of
libmagic in the past, I'd like to give you an opportunity to test and
to prepare for any changes, for better or for worse. In case of the
latter, use the BTS as usual to report detections that could see an

My plan is to upload to unstable in a week from now.

Additional question: Would you like to receive such notifications in
the future? If yes, please drop me a line in private. Same if you think
there is a better address than the "<package>@packages.debian.org" one
I used this time - but I prefer role/team/package addresses over
personal ones. I'll add this to a small document to debian/ so that
information will be public - but not forgotten in the future.

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