Bug#908365: Package fails to build reproducibly

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Sep 13 21:36:04 BST 2018

Am 13.09.18 um 09:51 schrieb Chris Lamb:
> Hi Vagrant,
>> Is it plausible to strip the embedded build directory information out of
>> the test binaries with the binaries shipped in the package

Just curious: which tool would you use for such a case?

> But why not hardcode said path to "/usr/lib/systemd/tests/testdata" as
> now but then temporarily override this during the build-time tests? I
> believe this was suggested — although perhaps a little too clumsy —
> earlier in this thread/bug#.
> (That will mean they Just Work in autopkgtests and for users.)

Thanky you all for your input. I think we found a solution upstream
which works reasonably nice, so I've cherry-picked those changes and
they seem to be sufficient to make the the build reproducible.
At least the results at
look promising.

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