Bug#929397: ftp.d.o: please upload LTS .buildinfo files to ftp-master

Holger Levsen holger at debian.org
Wed May 22 19:47:09 BST 2019

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


from #-security today:

          * | h01ger wonders how to tackle #862538
 zwiebelbot | (#debian-security) Debian#862538: security.debian.org: Please
              POST .buildinfo files to buildinfo.debian.net
	      - https://bugs.debian.org/862538
   <h01ger> | for ftp.d.o there's a cronjob running as my user on coccia.d.o,
              which surely is a hack, but works for now. with security.d.o 
	      i have little  idea how to implement this, as i dont know how
	      embargoed updates get published and whether we could hook in
	      then+their somehow
   <ansgar> | h01ger: Well, they do get uploaded to ftp-master after some time.
   <h01ger> | oh, really? so this bug is moot? do you have an example?
   <ansgar> | h01ger: Hmm, though LTS doesn't get pushed to ftp-master. 
              But everything merged into stable releases just gets uploaded
	      to ftp-master, so .buildinfo should be available
     <adsb> | for variable amounts of "some time" :)

Besides #862538 there are also #862073 and #763822 which are all related
but slightly different details. (and as indicated, we have a workaround for
#862073 which publishes .buildinfo files to both buildinfo.debian.net as 
well as buildinfos.debian.net...
and if you ever forget the details we maintain an overview at
https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds#Big_outstanding_issues )

This new bug shall just be about not copying the .buildinfo files from LTS
uploads to ftp-master.d.o.

Also please note that this bug will only become relevant when Stretch
becomes LTS as only dpkg from stretch (and newer) produces .buildinfo



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