testing migration aging and reproducible builds

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Mon Jul 22 14:46:37 BST 2019

Holger wrote:

> > How about if the current bonus of three days is dependent on both
> > autopkgtests *and* reproducibility? That keeps the incentive without ending
> > up with same-day migrations.
> /me likes!

I, too, would support this proposal.

Indeed, by keeping it as a bonus (vs. delaying) it would also take some
of the social sting and aforementioned blowback out of any regressions
or problems in our testing platform or toolchain whilst we get things
ever more stable.

One question: Does your proposal also imply a source package being
strictly reproducible in unstable or, alternatively, did you mean to
imply it "not regressing" from being previously reproducible in

This latter idea could be said to be fairer but requires the storage
of state on either your "end" or ours and thus complicates the
technical machinery, but more importantly IMHO it makes it somewhat
opaque from the perspective of package maintainers...


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