Second build of kronosnet fails on i386

Chris Lamb lamby at
Fri Jul 26 20:58:00 BST 2019

Mattia Rizzolo wrote:

> After some deliberation between pbuilder maintainers, sbuild
> maintainers, d-policy people, interested 3rd parties, etc, we came to
> the conclusion that is the chroot's manager job to provide a useful
> /etc/hosts, i.e. pbuilder's job in this case.

Ah, getcha, so build systems / test were failing to resolve "localhost"
rather than the underlying loopback device being missing or
broken, etc.?

> OT: why do you seem to label the mailing list with the name "Apple"?

My MTA's behaviour is to save all recipients to its contact list for
the purpose of being implicitly added to my "ham" list. This is a good
thing. However, this interacts poorly with another feature in that if
anybody sends me mail to an as-yet unnamed contact list entry, it will
try to help by filling it in. Clearly, someone, somewhere, and some
time used "Apple" to refer to this list...


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