Second build of kronosnet fails on i386

wferi at wferi at
Sun Jul 28 17:13:38 BST 2019

wferi at writes:

> Mattia Rizzolo <mattia at> writes:
>> I'm also a bit of a loss as to what might be happening here, so the best
>> I could do right now is to manually schedule another build (for unstable
>> only at this time).
>> Let's see.
> And it succeeded.  I can't really draw any conclusion from this.  I'll
> run the tests locally for some more time, maybe eventually it
> reproduces in my setup as well...

I forgot about this, so the test ran 12659 times successfully before I
broke the loop.  Looks like there's something in the reproducible build
testing infrastructure provoking the failure, but how could we find it?
I suppose this would point out a bug in Kronosnet.

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