Some help with nroff_output_varies_by_locale_or_utf8

Chris Lamb lamby at
Mon Sep 16 11:32:35 BST 2019

[Keeping you in CC as requested but no need to keep me in return]

Hi Pollo,

> From what I understand, that problem is the
> "nroff_output_varies_by_locale_or_utf8" one.

Just a little bit of a heads-up to you and all others reading this
list: assuming one was looking at a "tagged" package in our notes.git
repository they not only curated by a (flawed) homo sapiens the
categorisiation is sometimes in quite some haste. Thus they are really
not 100% trustworthy -- they are really more intended as a rough guide
to statistics and what might be worth prioritisation.

What this means is that one should therefore not rely on them being
perfect and invest too much time and energy down any particular rabbit
hole or assuming the problem is at the mentioned or indeed any
particular abstraction level — it can often be misleading in the diffs
at a quick glance and thus the package gets miscategorised. I would
basically just not want you to waste time thinking these were

> I couldn't find any information online on how to tackle this problem.
> Since my name has an "é" in it and I've written a few manpages already,
> I fear this will affect other packages.

… but you seem to have found the rough problem at least.

In order that I don't duplicate your efforts though, how much
investigation have you done already? Can we nail it down to rst2man
specifically? That is to say, can you get rst2man to produce different
output depending on whatever specific locale variation reprotest is
introducing? That would be my first step anyway.


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
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