Some help with nroff_output_varies_by_locale_or_utf8

Chris Lamb lamby at
Wed Sep 18 17:53:09 BST 2019

Hi Louis-Philippe,

> > Oh, is the version of rename-flac on salsa in unstable (and thus on
> >
> Yes. It does seem rename-flac is marked as reproducible on
> [1]. Does that mean the errors I've seen are flukes, or that your test
> suite sometime misses a few things?

I wouldn't say misses but we have a different set of variations to
reprotest and/or they are implemented in different ways, mostly due to
historical reasons but also because (eg.) we have access to the full
machine and thus do not need to emulate some changes:

Indeed, the delta between them might be helpful for you in identifying
what is going on when testing locally. Good luck. :)


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