Proper handling of ocaml_captures_build_path

St├ęphane Glondu glondu at
Mon Dec 2 08:58:52 GMT 2019


I am wondering how to handle ocaml_captures_build_path properly.

OCaml now understands the environment variable BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP,
and by setting it, the Lintian tag file-references-package-build-path
disappears (hence I assume this cause of unreproducibility disappears too).

But to what value should the build path prefix be set to? Two
possibilities comes to my mind: either some absolute path like
/usr/src/$srcpkg or just ".".

Is there a way that the toolchain automatically sets
BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP? I set it in debian/rules for now but this does
not look very scalable.

What are best practices regarding this issue?



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