Bug#955434: tracker.d.o: please integrate information from buildinfos.debian.net

Holger Levsen holger at debian.org
Tue Mar 31 18:07:27 BST 2020

Package: tracker.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainer,

please integrate information from buildinfos.debian.net into tracker.d.o,
which is a different view/aspect of reproducible builds of Debian packages than
the one currently integrated.

The current one is about the results from tests.reproducible-builds.org/debian
and shows the theoretical reproducibility of a given package. (Two builds are
done and compared.)

The information we would like to have integrated into tracker.d.o is a
link to .buildinfo files for source packages, based on the architecture
the build was done. These .buildinfo files are available on 
buildinfos.debian.net, here's some more background information on
that service:

https://buildinfos.debian.net/ provides .buildinfo files for packages
distributed on ftp.debian.org. Two views are available:

https://buildinfos.debian.net/ftp-master.debian.org/ is a public copy
of /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/buildinfo/ from ftp-master.debian.org.
This data is organized by build dates, which is little useful to most.

https://buildinfos.debian.net/buildinfo-pool/ provides a pool structure
of this data, for example to https://buildinfos.debian.net/buildinfo-pool/libf/libfakekey/libfakekey_0.1-10_hurd-i386.buildinfo

https://buildinfos.debian.net/buildinfo-pool.list is one 66mb file,
listing all currently known .buildinfo for Debian packages distributed
via ftp-master.d.o since 2016-12-22.

This excludes
- builds done before 2016-12-22.
- builds not done on buildds.
- security updates not yet re-released via a point update.
- and probably some more.

In future we probably would like to export a json dump of a postgresql
db, so that the data will become easier to parse. Not sure if this is
needed for the tracker.d.o side to get started?

Feedback welcome!


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