Help with FTBFS polybar (builds fine on salsa-ci)

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Sun Jun 7 23:34:12 BST 2020

On 2020-06-07, Samuel Henrique wrote:
> Polybar currently FTBFS on because of a
> timeout[0] while it builds without an issue on buildd[1] and
> salsa-ci[2].

More accurately, it Fails to Build Reproducibly; both builds typically
succeed do succeed, although diffoscope times out pretty consistantly:

> Its builds are quite CPU Intensive but I believe there might be
> something wrong going on as a timeout seems like too much.

More what I was noticing is the usual 2+ hour build times on, whereas polybar builds in 3-5 minutes on (even for slowish architectures). It's not uncommon
for our builds to take longer since it's doing two builds... Oh, the
diffoscope timeout is 120m ... so that would more-or-less explain it why
the "build" takes 2+ hours...

Though I built polybar using reprotest, and it completed in ~22minutes,
including two builds and running diffoscope.

> I would like to clear this issue out before continuing with debugging
> the lack of reproducibility[3].

The diffoscope output from my test with reprotest:

live well,
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