clang/LLVM version targeted for bullseye?

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at
Wed Sep 30 07:52:43 BST 2020


Le 30/09/2020 à 03:14, Vagrant Cascadian a écrit :
> I'm looking at submitting patches for several packages to upgrade to
> clang-10, as it supports the -ffile-prefix-map argument. Older versions
> fail to build when passed this argument, triggering:
> In our test infrastructure, several packages using clang FTBFS because
> we pass DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=reproducible=+fixfilepath, and we do not
> currently pass this in bullseye, where many of them build successfully.
> So I'm wondering if clang-10 or clang-11 likely to be the default for
> bullseye?
it is probably going to be -11!


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