Enabling -ffile-prefix-map by default

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at reproducible-builds.org
Mon Oct 26 07:04:04 GMT 2020

On 2020-10-22, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Guillem (and all the other dpkg folks), do you see any impediment to
> raising the question of enabling fixfilepath by default with the
> Debian community at large?
>> All of the patches I submitted were merely disable fixfilepath, though
>> they could all use further exploration to find the root cause and a more
>> ideal fix, but given time constraints and the small number of affected
>> packages, I figured this was a reasonable short-term workaround.
> Thanks, Vagrant. I would agree that is a good workaround for now and
> probably shouldn't prevent us from making this (IMHO) long-overdue
> change.
> Do you have a timeline on when you plan to raise this on debian-devel?

Hope to craft and send it tomorrow after the Reproducible Builds IRC

Most of the relevent bugs have been filed with workaround patches, and
will probably follow up with bugs without patches for most of the few
remaining issues.

The pieces are finally falling into place, so yay!

live well,
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