Enabling -ffile-prefix-map by default

Chris Lamb chris at reproducible-builds.org
Tue Oct 27 13:05:03 GMT 2020

Hi Vagrant,
>   https://pad.sfconservancy.org/p/-NUkgkGAezz0wc7n54el
> Feel free to comment or even edit directly.

Thanks. The only substantive change I made was to add a paragraph
regarding packages that filter -fdebug-prefix-map from CFLAGS but
don't do this for -ffile-prefix-map. These will, ironically, become
unreproducible when we enable +fixfilepath as they won't be stripped
from binary packages.

I've made a few aesthetic and non-normative changes (eg. adding some
structure, making it clearer what a maintainer might do, some minor
grammar improvements etc.) but they should not affect the meaning of
your original words.

The only thing that might be missing is some kind of "let us know if
you disagree, otherwise we will go ahead with this change." This is
implicit to a certain degree, but the message could alternatively be
read as a mild FYI.

Kind regards,

    ⬋   ⬊      Chris Lamb
   o     o     reproducible-builds.org 💠
    ⬊   ⬋

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