Bug#875306: python-debian: include a type for buildinfo files

Stuart Prescott stuart at debian.org
Mon Nov 2 23:56:33 GMT 2020

Hi Chris

On Tuesday, 3 November 2020 00:07:03 AEDT Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> > > Glancing at the parsed data structures, it would seem like the code is
> > > collapsing duplicate environment keys in the returned value of
> > > get_environment() as well as throw away the original ordering.
> > 
> > It is deliberate, although inconsistent as you note. I'm happy to be told
> > me reasoning is not sound and that different structures would be better
> No, I was mostly just checking; you've clearly thought this through. I
> think your various solutions are more than adequate, especially as we
> don't really define anywhere what happens if any of our fields contain
> duplicates anyway.

All good :)

I'll get this merged and released soonish. Hopefully people will start using 
this class, thinking about more things that it could do, reporting bugs and 
offering patches :)


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