Comments regarding diffoscope_162_amd64.changes

Paul Richards Tagliamonte ftpmaster at
Mon Nov 30 16:42:55 GMT 2020


The following are some notes I'm passing along from one of our hardworking
trainees. These comments should be addressed when able, but not worth a REJECT
over. Thank you for maintianing diffoscope!

diffoscope\comparators\ has (C) 2016 Ximin Luo <infinity0 at> but
the venerated infinity0 is missing from our coypright file

There are a few files that have a mismatch between the d/copyright
file and the files in the source.

There are a few files (such as diffoscope\,
diffoscope\, diffoscope\comparators\
diffoscope\comparators\, diffoscope\comparators\
diffoscope\comparators\ where the license end date is
after the debian/copyright date.

It'd be great to update the d/coypright file with the correct years.

Thank you!
  paultag & a trainee

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