reproducible builds Debian usertags?

Paul Wise pabs at
Sun Dec 6 11:05:33 GMT 2020

On Sun, 2020-12-06 at 11:51 +0100, Mattia Rizzolo wrote: 

> Note that the formal explenation for those usertags is at
> and (though
> I'm not sure anymore if they are properly in sync, plus the latter is
> not linked anywhere)

Thanks for the info.

> depends on what that padding is about.  If it's due to different
> lenght of the build paths, then it should be "buildpath", IMHO.

Reading the bug/patch, it was about random unallocated memory from a
the padding of a struct ending up on disk.

> umask it is.

I'm not sure, the patch just normalised everything to 644?

> well, depends.  fileordering is specifically about readdir().  if
> it's, say, perl hashes not being ordered, that would be randomeness.

I suggested fileordering because of the patches on the bugs, the
ordering tags are definitely about readdir().

> not quite IMHO.  "kernel" is already tracked under "uname", whereas
> "timezone" likely falls into "timestamps"

I suggest reviewing the list of bugs for each to confirm this, which I
hadn't yet done before starting the thread (but did for other tags).

> these should all be "fileordering", the later "filesystem" is bogus.
> did you find it somewhere?

filesystem is an existing separate tag on index_bugs.html and h01ger
suggested on IRC that fileordering is not the same as filesystem but I
note that the filesystem tag isn't on the pages that you linked to.

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