symbol sizes changing

Chris Lamb chris at
Mon Jan 4 10:49:28 GMT 2021

Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

> In unstable and experimental we do test build paths, but also pass
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=reproducible=+fixfilepath, which passes the
> -ffile-prefix-map=BUILDPATH=. argument, stripping the build path, but
> sometimes leaves traces; the length of the build path is different
> (e.g. /1/2/3 vs. /1/2/3/4), so it leaves a different amount of
> padded/empty space.

As a slight aside, the build path varies between the two builds is


… which is actually 2 bytes difference, not 4. Still, it may be
referenced twice (making 4…), and padding/alignment is a thing on most

(I point this out in case others are confused about a 2-byte
difference offset elsewhere in the future, rather than suggesting it
is the cause in this specific instance.)

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