partial snapshot mirror amd64/bullseye/bookworm

Paul Wise pabs at
Fri Mar 5 03:19:49 GMT 2021

On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 8:57 AM Frédéric Pierret wrote:

> Following discussion on #debian-reproducible, would this be feasible from the snapshot team to allow something like a daily export of the database on a public exposed server?

Looking on the database server, the raw PostgreSQL tables are 38.7 GiB
total. For UDD the raw tables are 21.8 GiB while the export is 1.6 GB.

> Not necessary the whole, but only restricted suites and arches.

The snapshot database doesn't have information about suites/codenames,
that is why metasnap.d.n exists. Also architecture information is only
stored for .deb files.


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