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Frédéric Pierret frederic.pierret at qubes-os.org
Wed Mar 31 15:56:50 BST 2021


Le 3/31/21 à 4:46 PM, Holger Levsen a écrit :
> hi,
> On Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 11:31:51AM +0100, Frédéric Pierret wrote:
>> Following topic from lists on working on developing tool for creating a
>> mirror of snapshot.d.o, is it possible to have an export of the raw
>> PostgreSQL tables of snapshot.d.o (38.7 GiB) somewhere for helping us
>> in starting working on the mirroring please? To not bothering you currently,
>> just a one shot export until we are sure that would be absolutely necessary
>> to have this daily export.
> I'm not sure if you are aware of https://github.com/fepitre/snapshot-mirror
> which is Frédéric's project to create a partial snaphot.d.o mirror so that
> we can continue our work on reproducing Debian bullseye arch:and64 and arch:all
> (these are the partial aspects of said mirror: only useful for reproducing
> bullseye amd64/all).
> and while I'm not sure how much Frédéric still needs those raw postgresql
> tables (on which he'll surely respond)... I'd like to add another request:

I don't have the need of the raw postgresql anymore. I've totally find another solution
in the snapshot-mirror script.

> would it be possible to whitelist his IP so it doesn't get
> throttled when accessing snapshot.d.o?

This would be awesome that if I could download smoothly and gently directly.

> Currently his work is available at http(s)://debian.notset.fr/snapshot
> and goes back until November 2020. We plan to go back until the oldest
> package built for bullseye... and then, we plan to add another mirror
> of that data which will have better ressources than Frédéric's mirror @home.

Please note that we don't plan to double mirroring from snapshot.d.o directly. The idea
is that I would host a first mirror then I would rsync from @home to the second directly
for the whole history.

> Thank you for running snapshot.d.o! (Even though it's too limited to be
> useful for Reproducing Debian :/ ;)

Thank you again for all.

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