archive wide rebuild with "-DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON"?

Chris Lamb chris at
Tue Aug 10 14:08:11 BST 2021

Holger Levsen wrote:

> < nthykier> It looks like we have started filing bugs for cmake packages to
>             have them use "-DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON", which is included in
>             debhelper compat 14 (not stable)
> < nthykier> FWIW: I am still ready to make that option the default
>             (without a compat bump) if you (someone) is willing to do an
>             archive wide rebuild with that option to see what breaks.

Ah, I was not aware of -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON landing in compat 14.

(Otherwise, I would not have filed bugs for these issues... or I would
not have filed them without at least mentioning that the Debhelper

Still, the bugs I did file were 'useful' in the sense that it was the
impetus to do some real-world research in the first place. In that
sense, I am *very* much +1 an archive rebuild for this; from my
initial investigations by hand, I suspect it will make quite a few packages
reproducible and not cause widespread breakage.

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