archive wide rebuild with "-DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON"?

Chris Lamb chris at
Fri Aug 20 15:06:55 BST 2021

Hi Lucas et al.,

> yes, to do a comparative rebuild, I just need such a script that adjusts
> the build environment to whatever is needed. See other examples in

For reference, the relevant part of debhelper's is:

    push(@flags, "-DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON", '-DCMAKE_BUILD_RPATH_USE_ORIGIN=ON') if not compat(13);

Two quick questions arising from this:

1. Am I right in thinking we take out the "if not compat(13)"
   conditional as part of this experiment?

2. Would the best way of introducing this be a custom rebuild of the
   src:debhelper package, similar to the way, for example, boost was
   tested earlier this year [0]?  (I suspect this is the case if
   customisation script is run before installation of packages,
   otherwise we could simply sed the relevant file, similar to how we
   tested fixfilepath [1] where we could rely on dpkg being installed.)


> I have a few rebuilds to run and process, and little time for Debian
> currently, but I'll find the time eventually.

Thanks :)

Best wishes,

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