Bug#999689: reprotest: autopkgtest missing dependency on diffoscope

Stefano Rivera stefanor at debian.org
Sun Nov 14 23:31:28 GMT 2021

Source: reprotest
Version: 0.7.17
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

Fixing #988964 broke the "not need_builddeps" autopkgtest:

It has failed since 0.7.16.

The easy fix is:
diff --git a/debian/tests/control b/debian/tests/control
index 8132bdc..e5a47b8 100644
--- a/debian/tests/control
+++ b/debian/tests/control
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 Test-Command: debian/rules autopkgtest-pytest PYTEST_MARKEXPR="not need_builddeps"
-Depends: @, python3-pytest, faketime, locales-all, fakeroot
+Depends: @, diffoscope, python3-pytest, faketime, locales-all, fakeroot
 Test-Command: debian/rules autopkgtest-pytest PYTEST_MARKEXPR="need_builddeps"
 Depends: @, @builddeps@, fakeroot


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