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the mail below showed up on debian-devel at today and I
think we should formulate our ideas where Debian should be improved to
make r-b a reality. I'm thinking about infrastructual changes and process
changes, and not really so much about fixing individual packages.

So I've set up to collect our
ideas and I'd like to aim for finishing this by next Monday, January 31st.

I've also only had time/brain to only list two ideas there so far and would 
very much welcome others chiming in! :)

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Subject: What are the most important projects that Debian ought to work on?
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As part of an upcoming survey that we are preparing, we plan to ask
Debian developers to rank, by order of importance, the most popular
ideas of improvements for Debian.

However, there's no easy way to identify what are the most popular ideas
of improvements that Debian ought to make. We know of the
"grow-your-ideas" project on Salsa, but it's far from exhaustive:

That's where you come into play: it would be nice if you could share
what are — according to you — the most important projects/improvements
that Debian ought to make. You can share your ideas here by replying to
this email, but it would be interesting to file them as new issues in
the "grow-your-ideas" project and then reply here pointing to your new

Another useful thing to do would be to review the current ideas in that
project and up-vote those that you find interesting. You can do that by
opening the issue and clicking on the "thumbs-up" button. That way we
can easily identify the most popular ideas:

(Note that you can watch the project or just some specific issues if you
want to participate in the exchanges happening in the various issues.)

For the record, the goal of this question in our upcoming survey is to
help us identify useful projects to fund as part of our project funding

Seb, on behalf of the Freexian team

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