randomness_in_r_rdb_rds_databases not very random?

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at reproducible-builds.org
Tue Apr 19 03:37:55 BST 2022

On 2022-04-18, Chris Lamb wrote:
>> Because of this discrepancy, I created the issue
>> "captures_build_path_in_r_rdb_rds_databases" but I also noticed the
>> description for "randomness_in_r_rdb_rds_databases" mentions that it is
>> the result of a build path:
>>   Randomness seems to come from using absolute paths in .rd[bs] files.
> I think a factor here is the autoclassification script that, as I
> understand it, does not differentiate between these two cases.
> Now, I did spend significant time on R a couple of months ago, only to
> realise that a proper fix (let alone an upstreamable one) is quite
> some work away. Which, more relevant to this conversation, meant that
> delineating the finer distinctions between R's many issues became less
> of a priority. (This is all background and/or explanation for the
> status quo, mind you; I would agree it's always better to have better
> distinctions.)

Makes sense to me, thanks!

>> I think most of the fixes mentioned in the description of
>> "randomness_in_r_rdb_rds_databases" have been applied.
> Interesting. I'm not quite as confident about this as you seem to be,
> but glad to be re-assured.

Oh, maybe I miscommunicated my confidence level then; there may still
be dragons! I only did very brief follow-up reading the referenced
issues in the description...

live well,
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