Debian NMU Sprint Thursday 16:00 UTC!

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Tue Nov 8 17:39:07 GMT 2022

On 2022-11-08, Chris Lamb wrote:
>> > We are planning on meeting on in the #debian-reproducible
>> > channel at 16:00UTC and going for an hour or two or three.
>> It was fun, so we hope to do this roughly every two weeks!
>> Next one is thus planned for Thursday, October 6th, 16:00 UTC!
> I enjoyed the sprint on October 6th and found it both fun and
> productive; can we schedule another one...?

Basically, I'm usually up for it any Thursday at that time slot. Two
days might be a bit too soon to schedule(though I would do it if someone
else wanted to!)...

  how about the November 17th and December 1st? 16:00 UTC or 17:00 UTC?

I did a solo one on October 20th and still got a couple NMUs in:


And did the legwork that lead to a QA upload the following day:


live well,
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