[Resolvconf-devel] Bug#404041: Bug in resolvconf

David Isaac Wolinsky davidiw at ufl.edu
Thu Dec 21 11:19:50 CET 2006

package: resolvconf
version: 1.37

compared to version: 1.28

I have added "prepend domain-name-servers"; to my 
dhclient.conf... I have 3 network devices and only two of them get name 
servers back, we'll call the name servers a.b.c.d and w.x.y.z

On version 1.28 my resolv.conf would look like this

nameserver a.b.c.d
nameserver w.x.y.z

but on version 1.37 it looks like this...

missing the second entry

The bug also occurs when having in resolvconv/resolv.conf.d/head

I found that the problem lies in whatever is housing /etc/resolvconf but 
am not able to narrow it down further sorry :(


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