[Resolvconf-devel] Bug#477723: RFH: resolvconf -- name server information handler

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 20:39:11 UTC 2008

Package: resolvconf
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the resolvconf package.  More
specifically I need someone, preferably a DD, to take over the role
of lead developer.

I wrote resolvconf in order to solve the problem of dynamic updating
of nameserver addresses on laptop computers.  That was in 2003.
Since then I have reduced my involvement in Debian and, more importantly,
I have switched to Ubuntu on the machines I use regularly.  As a
consequence of the latter it is not easy for me to test any changes I
make to the resolvconf package.  The Debian resolvconf package does not
install on Ubuntu.

Resolvconf is maintained on alioth by a small group of people.  None of
the current team members is in a position to take over the role of lead
developer.  I am no longer well situation to play that role.  Hence I
call for help.

Description: name server information handler
 Resolvconf is a framework for keeping up to date the system's
 information about name servers. It sets itself up as the intermediary
 between programs that supply this information (such as ifup and
 ifdown, DHCP clients, the PPP daemon and local name servers) and
 programs that use this information (such as DNS caches and resolver
 This package may require some manual configuration. Please
 read the README file for detailed instructions.

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