[Resolvconf-devel] Leader needed for the resolvconf project team

Edward Allcutt edward at allcutt.me.uk
Tue Jul 13 08:13:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010, Thomas Hood wrote:
> One or more active Debian Developers should be taking care of the resolvconf 
> package.  I do not fit that description.  Is any of you[0] willing to take on 
> the role of team leader?

I am not a DD and I haven't been actively helping with resolvconf yet. I've
mostly been observing how others have responded to resolvconf bugs and
hoping I'll soon have enough free time to actively contribute.

I do now have more time than previously and I'd like to take on a more active
role. Would the other team members be willing to sponsor uploads for me? I do
know I have quite a bit to learn still about package maintenance although I'm
very comfortable with the resolvconf code itself.

Some background about myself: I've been using Debian for nearly 8 years, both
personally and professionally. I've had aspirations of contributing for nearly
that long. I think resolvconf is an ideal place to start for me because it's a
relatively simple package, it's got an RFH bug and I'm very comfortable with
shell scripting.

I don't have svn commit access, and I certainly haven't earned it yet. I'll
start by sending patches to the mailing list for someone else to apply if
nobody objects.

PS. Thomas, sorry if you get two copies of this. I have difficulty keeping 
track of which mailing lists are maintain-CC and which aren't.

Edward Allcutt

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