[Resolvconf-devel] #483098 - Improve support for using resolvconf-supplied nameserver addresses as forwarder addresses?

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 11:21:31 UTC 2011

Even if bind9 will not, by default, use resolvconf-supplied nameserver addresses
as forwarder addresses, it would nevertheless be good if this mode of operation
were (better) supported as an option.

* Bind9 should include the hook script /etc/resolvconf/update.d/bind currently
  included in the resolvconf package so that this script can be kept in sync
  with the rest of the bind9 package.  Recently, for example, bind9 changed its
  run directory name from /var/run/bind/ to /var/run/named/ which caused
  breakage on systems that were using bind9 and resolvconf together.

* Add a comment to /etc/bind/named.conf saying something like:

      To make bind9 use nameserver addresses supplied by other sources to
      resolvconf as addresses of forwarders, change the following line so
      that it includes /var/run/named/named.options instead of
      /etc/bind/named.conf.options.  The former will be generated from the
      latter, as needed, such that the "forwarders" statement inside the
      "options" statement is added or updated to contain a current list of

* While at it, implement #268073 "Please generate only forwarders{}, not options{}".

* Or, in a more ideal world, enhance bind9 so that it optionally monitors a
  dynamic file containing the current list of forwarders.

If the bind9 maintainers would like to take action on these points then they are
kindly requested to coordinate with the resolvconf maintainers.
Thomas Hood
Resolvconf maintainers <resolvconf-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>

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