[Resolvconf-devel] resolvconf-event

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Wed May 18 10:46:58 UTC 2011

The latest release of resolvconf to unstable, version 1.52,
invokes a trigger in its postinst and postrm.  The trigger is
called 'resolvconf-event'.

The trigger was introduced in order to make it possible for
correct behavior to be implemented in the case where a
supplier of nameserver information is installed and running
at the point in time when resolvconf is installed.  Under
these circumstances, in the absence of triggered updates,
resolvconf is missing valid nameserver information until

(Actually that isn't true. In version 1.52 resolvconf includes
the pre-installation contents of /etc/resolv.conf in its
database until reboot.  So resolvconf isn't missing any
nameserver information --- but this comes at the expense
of nameserver information remaining in the database even
after it is invalidated.  Because it comes at this expense
we would like to eliminate the workaround, but eliminating
it requires that suppliers of nameserver information supply
valid nameserver information in response to the trigger
which is the subject of this message.)

It is the intent that all packages whose programs supply
nameserver information to resolvconf declare interest in this
trigger, and when they are triggered and see that resolvconf
is (now) present, send the nameserver information that they
have to resolvconf.

In order to get this done it will probably be necessary to
file bug reports against all those packages.

This, for the information of my resolvconf colleagues and
the public at large.

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