[Resolvconf-devel] resolvconf-event

Edward Allcutt edward at allcutt.me.uk
Wed May 18 12:38:10 UTC 2011

On Wed, 18 May 2011, Thomas Hood wrote:
> The latest release of resolvconf to unstable, version 1.52,
> invokes a trigger in its postinst and postrm.  The trigger is
> called 'resolvconf-event'.
> [...]
> It is the intent that all packages whose programs supply
> nameserver information to resolvconf declare interest in this
> trigger, and when they are triggered and see that resolvconf
> is (now) present, send the nameserver information that they
> have to resolvconf.

Is there any particular reason a dpkg trigger is preferred over
eg. trigger scripts in /etc/resolvconf/install-trigger.d alongside
the existing update{-libc}.d provisions? I can't see an obvious
reason why the resolvconf postinst hitting those after resolvconf
is configured wouldn't guarantee the same behaviour.

A couple reasons (off the top of my head) to prefer non-dpkg triggers:
  * Package-installed triggers can be treated as conffiles, are readily
    visible to the local administrator. The local admin could even install
    their own triggers[0] which would be rather more difficult with dpkg
  * I'm not aware that resolvconf is used outside Debian derived distributions,
    but so far I think it's avoided relying on Debian features that would
 	necessitate much porting effort.

I don't know how much work was involved in implementing the dpkg trigger, but
presumably nothing else has declared an interest in it as yet?

[0] admittedly this is rather far-fetched, I can't think of a good reason
     for a local admin to do this.

Edward Allcutt

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