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Tue Apr 17 22:04:45 UTC 2012

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resolvconf (1.65) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Thomas Hood ]
  * [3f0a1a1] Create /etc/resolvconf/run and its target and subdir
    in the postinst as well as in the preinst (Closes: #662724)
  * [ae16ea8] In postinst, as last resort, create /run/resolvconf/
     even if /run isn't a tmpfs.
  * [25711bf] ifupdown hook scripts: Don't return error to ifupdown
    (Addresses #661591 so far as resolvconf is concerned)
  * [8da29c3] Document that list-records doesn't list empty records.
    Add patterns for biosdevnames (See LP#949473)
  * [a998de3] Update default interface order patterns in list-records
  * [94baf61] resolvconf(8): Update ref to dhclient hook script
    (See LP#953257)

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