[Resolvconf-devel] Bug#718232: update-rc.d: warning: start and stop actions are no longer supported

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 10:59:52 UTC 2013

Thanks for the report.  I wasn't aware of this issue.

It seems the "start" and "stop" arguments are now deprecated. Roger Leigh
announced this debian-devel.


We should go with the flow and stop using "start" and "stop". Here's the
postinst code that needs to be changed.

    # Automatically added by dh_installinit
    if [ -x "/etc/init.d/resolvconf" ]; then
            update-rc.d resolvconf start 38 S . stop 89 0 6 . >/dev/null ||
exit $?
    # End automatically added section

This arises from the following line in debian/rules.

    dh_installinit --no-start -- start 38 S . stop 89 0 6 .

I see that Roger Leigh has opened a report (#717592) against debhelper
asking that dh_installinit not pass through "start" and "stop".  But we
shouldn't rely on this.

I guess the debian/rules line should be simply the following.

    dh_installinit --no-start

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