[Resolvconf-devel] Bug#877695: Confirmation of bug #877695

Paul Whittaker paul.whittaker at drisq.com
Fri Feb 1 21:16:54 GMT 2019

Just want to confirm that this is still a problem, and that the second fix
suggested by Michael Stone (specifically, expanding '@(br|eth)' into
'@(br|eth|en)' in /etc/resolvconf/interface-order) would have avoided things
breaking for me recently.

In my case, I was having problems due to conflicts between my own wired
network settings in /etc/network/interfaces and the settings provided by
NetworkManager.  Looking at the contents of interface-order, its intent
certainly appears to be for my wired network to have taken priority, and
wasn't what I was seeing.

When calling 'resolvconf -u' from a system script (i.e. with LANG unset in
the environment), 'list-records' would list my wired 'en' interface settings
after the 'NetworkManager' entry.  This caused me problems by putting
NetworkManager's nameserver entry first in resolv.conf.
Unhelpfully, when trying to debug this from a terminal with
the opposite order was produced, hiding the problem.

Patching interface-order to expand '@(br|eth)' into '@(br|eth|en)' fixes
behaviour, and lists my wired interface's settings first regardless of
environment variable settings.

(Michael also proposed a solution which listed the 'eno|ens|enp|enx' cases
separately, but this would not have worked for me.  My USB Ethernet dongles
are all named 'enusb0' by a custom udev rule, to make them easier to manage
than the default long 'enx${MAC_ADDR}' names, and they would not have been
matched by that longer pattern.)

Best regards,


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