[sane-devel] Parallel and saned: GIMP impossible, since no default device found

Gregor Hoffleit gregor@hoffleit.de
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:38:20 +0200

* G. L. Griz' Inabnit <griz@outcast-consultants.redmond.or.us> [010814
18:46]: >       I found that it was my lines in /etc/inetd.conf that was at
> #sane           stream  tcp     nowait  saned.saned     /usr/sbin/saned
> sane            stream  tcp     nowait  root.root     /usr/sbin/saned saned
>       The commented line is the original, the second is the one that
>       worked for me. Hope this helps.

Nope, that's not the problem; I was using the root.root version in the
first place, i.e. saned is running as root.

Also, "xsane net:localhost:epson" works just fine as a normal user, i.e.
saned *has* the correct permissions, but appearantly xsane isn't able to
discover the 'net' devices when looking for available devices.

Griz, does 'xsane' (i.e. without any arguments) work for you as normal
user? Does it find any device that's available through saned? That would
interesting then, to find out why it doesn't work for me, then.