[sane-devel] Kodak DC215 Zoom

Peter Fales psfales@lucent.com
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 22:05:22 -0500

I did the backend for the dc25 and dc240, and I've looked a bit at the
dc210 backend (because it was used as the starting point for the dc240
backend).  The main difference between the dc210 and dc240 backends is that
the dc210 allows the files to be downloaded from the camera by specifying
the image number.  (It also supports downloading by file name, but the 
backend only uses image number.)  The dc240 only supports downloading by
file name, so the backend software jumps through some hoops to map image
numbers (as seend by the user) to file names (as seen by the camera).

Kodak provides documentation for the dc210 and dc240 interface
specifications, but they don't seem to  provide anything for the dc215.  So, 
the gphoto developers either managed to get something unofficial or they
reverse engineered the protocol.  In any case, I suggest comparing
the dc215 code in gphoto with the dc210 and dc240 versions to see
which one it more closely resembles.

As a side note, I was contacted by the owner of the dc240 driver in gphoto2
about doing a "meta" backend for sane that would provide an interface
to the gphoto2 libraries for SANE.  At first glance, this seems 
feasible, and it would be cool because in one fell swoop it would
give SANE access to dozens of different cameras.  The difficulty
is that gphoto2 doesn't seem to have documented their API so there's
a bit of a learning curve to climb.  I'll probably start looking into
this as time permits, but if someone else wanted a projected to work
on, this might be a good one.
Peter Fales

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 08:42:49AM +0800, Rod Dilkes wrote:
> Hello,
> I notice that there is a Sane Backend for the Kodak dc210 Digital Camera.
> I have a DC215 Zoom, fairly common these days. I am wondering if the DC210
> backend could be easily modified to create one for the DC215.
> I have tried the 210 backend with my camera and whilst it connects, it 
> doesn't
> communicate. The camera works fine under Gphoto.
> Regards, Rod Dilkes
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