[sane-devel] The UMAX Astra 600s vs the Adaptec 2906

Phlip pplumlee@celterra.com
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:06:47 -0700

Sane People:

Mandrake 7.2, via g_NCR5380, liked the el-cheapo SCSI card that came with
my UMAX.

Mandrake 8.0 kacked at boot time (before the rc scripts) if the UMAX were
turned on. If I turned it off at boot time & on later, nothing would ever
work. 'modprobe g_NCR5380' would do nothing.

So I got an Adaptec 2906 card to replace the other. Now kudzu (or whatever)
recognizes the card, and aic7xxx is active in the modules list...

...but find-scanners returns nothing, and /proc/scsi/scsi is empty.

I pulled out other cards to see if they were interfering.

What do I probe next?