[sane-devel] Color alignment Snapscan 600

Steve Underwood steveu@coppice.org
Sat, 01 Dec 2001 10:12:05 +0800

Maier Gerfried wrote:

> Steve Underwood wrote:
>>There would appear to be something strange going on with your scanner.
>>Since I fixed the major colour fringing a long time ago, the colour
>>alignment error should be imperceptable.
> A few months ago there were some (major?) changes in the snapscan backend.
> The changes made the backend much more stable (especially color scans and
> preview). With these changes a disalignment was introduced again. It was
> fixed again just a few days ago (at the moment only available by cvs or the
> cvs-web-interface of sourceforge).

OK, I haven't used a recent version. I didn't know about that.

>>Perhaps your scanner has a physical alignment problem.
> I hope it has not!
> But you are right, one pixel at maximum resolution isn't very much.

I think you missed my point. The physical alignment of the Agfa and Acer 
scanners I have seen is excellent. When the software is right you just 
cannot detect any colour fringing, at any resolution. If the software 
has been broken for a while, then either the fix was not a 100% one, or 
your scanner has a physical alignment problem.Maybe I should try the CVS 
version, and see what happens.