[sane-devel] can not convert sane output

Yuji Oishi yoishi@miraclelinux.com
Thu, 06 Dec 2001 00:14:05 +0900


I'm pretty new in this list.
I just started to use sane, encountered a problem when I convert
sane output data to some other format.

Here is the description of my system:
  OS:linux  kernel-2.4.7
  SANE: sane-backends-1.0.6-2
  Scanner: EPSON GT-8200UF

What I did is like below.

# scanimage > out.pnm
# cjpeg out.pnm > out.jpg
Not a PPM/PGM file                 <---- Error happen

# scanimage --mode Color > out.pnm
# cjpeg out.pnm > out.jpg
Premature end of input file        <---- Warning(But out.jpg can be seen)

I want to avoid these error and warning.
Are there any fixes for these?
If a good(?) converter is available, I want to use it.

Could someone help me?

Thank you in advance,

-Yuji Oishi