[sane-devel] sane installation, usb

Ingo P. Korndoerfer Ingo P. Korndoerfer" <ingo@wzw.tum.de
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 08:19:20 +0200 (EET)


thanks for all the suggestions.

- yes. i had made the link. that was not it.

but indeed ...

> You should verify that the scanner module recognized your scanner. To do
> this, check if the output of "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" lists your scanner
> with driver=usbscanner - if not (i.e. driver=none) you have to pass the
> vendor and product ID to the module. Either do

it was listed as 'none'. so i fixed this, according to

>    modprobe scanner vendor=0x06bd product=0x2091
> or specify
>    options scanner vendor=0x06bd product=0x2091
> in your /etc/modules.conf

and now it was listed. and, wow, scanimage, actually did something.
but actually, it just sat there and waited. nothing else happening.

now i rebooted, thinking, that sometimes you have to.
and now, it seems like everything referring to the scanner
completely disappeared from /etc/bus/usb/proc/devices.
completely gone.

in /var/log messages, i find a few lines about

- can't locate modules char-major-81 (this warning may have been there
- usb_control/bulk-mesg timeout
- scanner.c:write_scanner : NAK received

my installation is mandrake 8.0, and i pulled the sane-backend from the
same disk.

> Also check that you have write permission on /dev/usb/scanner0.

checked that. and it doesn't work under either my account nor as
root ...

1000 thanks for any new ideas ...

so what was that SANE stands for ???

well, anyways ... i DO appreciate everybodies work and your help !!!