[sane-devel] LM983x driver - next build

Jaeger, Gerhard g.jaeger@earthling.net
Sat, 8 Dec 2001 17:15:25 +0100

First of all I'd like to thank all of you who'd like
to volunteer on this driver.

I've currenlty released the next version. The main effort is
the short description file called Plustek-USB.txt and the documentation
inside the file plustek-devs.c
All the known product and vendor ID's have been submitted to the
maintainer of the scanner USB kernel module...

The devices Mustek Bearpaw 1200/2400 have been added (thanx to
The HP2200 has also been added (thanx to Stefan)
The EPSON 1250 has also an entry, but remember, there are probably no
valid register settings for that device...
The UMAX3400/5400 entries are missing, but as the Windows driver
has an ini that shows up all necesary stuff, it should be possible to find the
correct values. The lamp-switching seems to be another topic there...

To answer again the question: I have a LM983x based device, what can I do?
First of all , you should download the Plustek driver and mix it with the 
current SANE-1.0.6 stuff (see the Plustek-USB.txt file inside the plustek 
tar-ball for further descriptions) and after that, you should make the scanner
recognized by the driver (see again the Plustek-USB.txt AND plustek-devs.c)
There's some coding experience necessary - sure...
For debugging, you can use the well-known switch:
You are also encouraged to send me the necessary patches. I've only one
UT12 from Plustek, so I'm currently not able to make more tests...
I'll try and get more Plustek devices to test...

That's it for now, thanx for your help

BTW: You can download it at: