[sane-devel] [Announcement:] SaneTwain available for download

Herman Kuiper Herman Kuiper <herman@ozuzo.net>
Sun, 09 Dec 2001 22:17:23 +0100


Via this mailing list I would like to announce the availability of the 
first version of SaneTwain.

SaneTwain is TWAIN compliant datasource which is able to connect to a SANE 
scanner backend. By querying the SANE backend it builds a GUI which can be 
used to set the options (or capabilities) of the scanner. It offers preview 
and scanning of multiple regions.

SaneTwain uses GenDS by Dosadi for the TWAIN layer. The socket 
communication with SANE has been created from scratch. Some other source 
code from SANE is re-used.

Binaries are available for download, source code is available on request. 
Borland C++Builder and TToolbar97 are required for compilation. The binary 
package includes a datasource, a standalone executable and documentation.

Disclaimer: I've written SaneTwain solely to be able to scan from within 
programs such as Corel Photopaint using my Epson Perfection 610 scanner 
connected to a Linux-box. I tested all options available on that scanner 
and the SANE PNM pseudo-device. Bugs are most likely to remain, and I 
cannot guarantee full support for SaneTwain. I do however believe SaneTwain 
is a far more useful package than the other SANE to TWAIN bridges 
available. For more information on known bugs and limitations, please refer 
to the documentation.

URL for more information and download: http://sanetwain.ozuzo.net

	Herman Kuiper

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